I'm a dog addicted , well you can say since my whole adult life - and through most of these times the Parson Russell Terrier was "my" breed. Well, some other dogs and breeds joined my way and became part of the story, but my love for the white Terriers still exists. I wasn't so busy in breeding the last years, as I was it before, but still gave my spotlight on the Parson Russell. This brought my to the point, that I do not like all, what happens to this breed nowadays.

Well you can call this not quite a fashinable opinion but as my personally life is so stronge connected to this breed, I feel it only honestly to say what I like and what I don't.

I want to keep the spirit of the Parson Russell Terrier alive including type, temperament and health. I don't want the Parson Russell Terrier turns out to be another breed as it was ment to be in his history.

So I try to find dogs which have the old lines behind them in their pedigrees.

This brings me to Mikey. Mikey wasn't really planed but conquered me...

Thanks to all the people who were involved to bring Mikey to Europe, especially the tribute goes to Mary Strom, Tim Bernhard, Kirsten Döpp, Julie Dalbey...

Everyone who followed our trip to bring Mikey to Austria knows the story behind .. the others, well I can tell you it was quite an adventure ;-) including cancelled planes, train crash, Starbucks coffee full of laughter and a lot more....


Mikey and me



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